"Software and Web Applications as per your requirements"

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We have a solution to your problem

Custom software and web application development is about delivering exceptional results that drive the value of your business. These are totally requirement based solutions where we make a product or system based on requirement provided by our clients. In these projects, we provide our technology knowhow to transform the ideas of our clients into reality.

Why should you approach us

With our wide experience in delivering technology solutions across industries, we have climbed a decent height on the knowledge curve. By partnering with us, you can utilize our technology know how to give wings to your ideas. We can help you from choosing the right technology to developing prototypes for your business.

Entrepreneurs / Prospective entrepreneurs who have idea in the software or web technology domain, but do not have the resources to build a prototype or minimum viable product are encouraged to partner with us. We can not only bring in the much needed technology knowhow, but also mitigate a good amount of financial risk. We also work on partial equity model for selective start-ups.

Businesses looking to outsource their non-core activities can partner with us for developing strong back end components. Such partnership can help you to follow a lean model which can enable small and medium sized businesses to a great extent in strengthening their bottom line and impart more focus on core business activities.

Our Process

We follow a 3-step proven process for custom software development projects:

Requirement Analysis
The process is kick started with an analysis of requirements at micro and macro levels. This involves discussion with clients, various stakeholders, physical / virtual tour of processes and mapping of requirements in structured forms using process mapping tools. This helps us to correlate the current process and the to be process.

System Design and development
After understanding the process and requirement, we architect the right solution and present to our clients. We keep rooms for iterations at this stage and the design is confirmed only after discussion and approval of our client. After finalisation of design, our developers develop the system, test it in-house and make the system ready for implementation.

Testing, Implementation, Service
Finally, onsite testing is done and the system is implemented along with training to users. Post implementation, the project goes into the service stage, which might vary from project to project based on client requirement. If required, we provide managed service where we take care of the complete process and contracts are prepared on a pre decided service level and set of KPIs.