"Stock and Accounting Software for Retail Stores"

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Retail software is a one stop solution for retail stores to automate their processes. We offer multiple installation options, enabling stores of all sizes, small neighbourhood stores to hypermarkets, to use and get benefitted from the software. Functionalities are architected in a modular way, hence stores can opt for only those functionalities that are useful for them – so clients will pay for what they use. Also, the interfaces are easy to use, and require very minimal computer skills to operate, saving the small stores from the burden of dedicated IT manpower. This is supported with a strong back-end, which maps the traditional book keeping practice into a computerized system. It is designed with a view to make the transition from manual system to automated one easier and hassle free. The software comes with a host of reports which provides real time business insights and thus assist in strategic decision making.

1. Features


We use open source platforms and include only those modules which are core. It makes us the most affordable ERP package provider for retailers.

Easy to operate

We ensure that our 1 day training can make you a master of the software, even if you are using computer for the first time.


You do not need to employ additional resources as admin. Our processes are real time, just the medium goes from legacy registers to computers

Data security

We undrstand the biggest inertia to automate - what if computers crash? We have minutely solved this risk factor to almost zero levels. So, your data is more secured, guaranteed!!!

2. Modules & Functionalities


  • Transactions
  • Receipt Printing
  • Customer Data
  • SMS Integration
  • Return Sale

  • Stock Purchase
  • Stock Report
  • Multi level Stock Maintenance
  • Stock Return
  • Re-order Alerts

  • Double Entry Book Keeping
  • Receivables & Payables
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Statements


  • Sale Reports
  • Purchase Reports
  • Tax Reports
  • Stock Statement
  • Debtors & Creditors Report

  • 3. Installation Modes

    Stand-alone desktop application

    Installed in only one computer/laptop. However, multiple user accounts can be maintained.

    Multiple terminal setup

    Client server setup is implemented using LAN connection. Scalable to a great extent. No limit on the number of terminals or number of users.

    4. Product Screenshots

    5. Get a Demo

    Its free. Drop a mail to support@techhelpconsulting.in and we will set up a free demo for you.