"All-in-one package for hospital automation and management"

Hospital Management software
Hospital management software is a one stop solution for automating entire administrative processes inside a hospital. In a hospital, there are a number of departments which work in tandem to render healthcare services to the patients. Each of these departments has their own set of standards, activities and processes. The Hospital Management Software developed by us provides a connected solution to facilitate well synchronized operation of different departments and provide insightful MIS reports to management.

Our solution offers an excellent mix of administrative and specialty modules which encompass the entire processes inside the hospital. We also offer customized modules for specific requirements. The software needs minimum IT skills to operate and there is no requirement for dedicated resource for system administration.

1. Features

Synchronized Transactions

All transactions are centrally maintained, which makes it possible to track each and every transaction from every area of the hospital. It also removes redundancy and enables a complete mapping of the entire hospital.

Easy to operate

Only authorized persons can log into the system. To enhance data security, in addition to password protection, access levels are defined which means, users can be given access only for the portion which is relevant to his/her work. On the other hand, system owner/admin will have the complete access.


It is a browser based platform which is scalable to a great extent. The software can be used to handle big data requirements, only by adding hardware, without affecting performance. It gives the user flexibility to increase server size as and when required without any modification on the software.

Easy Navigation

The user friendly menu system enables the user to navigate through different displays without hassles. Navigation is synchronized with access levels and hence users can navigate only the portion where he has access.

Data Security

A high level of security is ensured for all data that is stored with the system. To further secure against contingencies, we ensure an easy manual backup system in addition to automatic system generated backup tasks.

2. Modules & Functionalities


  • OPD/IPD Patient Entry
  • Cash counter
  • Discharge
  • Miscellaneous Billing
  • Ward Status & Allocation

  • Service Bills
  • Credit Billing
  • Surgery Management
  • OT Inventory


  • Central Purchase
  • Departmentwise Issue
  • Stock Management
  • Safety Stock & Expiry Alerts
  • Medicine Return & Dispose

  • Pre-fed Test Parameters
  • Lab Report
  • Image/Video Storage
  • Record Management


  • IPD/OPD Sale
  • Returned Bills
  • Requisitions
  • Safety Stock & Expiry Alerts
  • IPD Credits

  • Record Management
  • Salary
  • Leave Management
  • Prescriptions
  • Attendance

  • Double Entry Accounting
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Statements
  • Doctor Payment


  • Patient Reports
  • Collection Reports
  • Department-wise Reports
  • Hospital Report
  • Credit Reports

  • 3. Installation Modes

    Offline Installation

    Client server setup is implemented in a local server and client PCs. Highly Scalable, no limit on the number of terminals or number of users.

    Online Installation

    Software is set-up on a web server, users can access from any location. Good internet connection is a prerequisite.

    4. Product Screenshots

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